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The book and video of “The Musician of Love” were published and distributed

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The book and video of “The Musician of Love” were published and distributed.
Mohammad Boroumand, the playwright and director of our country has distributed the book and video of Jigi Jigi Theater. The book of “The Musician of Love; Jigi Jigi Nanekhanom” has been published by Tissa Publication and distributed in all authentic bookstores all around the country.
Mohammad Boroumand that we had already heard about the performances of his shows in different countries, has distributed for the first time a drama accompanying with a video that has especial features. The detailed researches on Khorasan artist that cheered up Imam Reza’s neighbors and pilgrims in 1960s and the secrets of his immortality have been Boroumand’s main capital for writing Jigi Jigi Theater.
The meaning of Jigi Jigi in Khorasan culture is asking and request. In Kurdish Language Jigi is the abbreviation of Jigar (dear or darling). Nanekhanom is a name for girls that is common among Khorasan Kurdish people; so Jigi Jigi Nanekhanom is the summary of “you are my dear Nanekhanom”.
Nowadays a kind of Puppet Theater is also performed in Tajikistan that has one puppeteer and the puppet of a goat accompanying the well-known song of “ Boz Bozakam Jigi Jigi” (My little goat Jigi Jigi).
Reza Kianian says in this book that “when I was 8-9 year old, there was a wander singer in Mashhad named Jigi Jigi Nanekhanom. It was not his name but people knew him by this name. He was a tall and thin man that had straight hair and black skin with ragged color cloths. Perhaps he was from Southern Khorasan. He had a tar and a small wooden tablet with a puppet of a goat on it. Some thread has been attached to the puppet and when he played tar the thread was pulled and the goat moved as if it is dancing with the music.
The readers of this book will know a street singer and puppeteer named Jigi Jigi Nanekhanom whose main aim was cheering people.
After half century of the death of this musician, Reza Kianian talks about his relation with him, Reza Saberi talks about the fate play and Reza Javan talks about an itinerant lover in this book that is accompanied by a drama by Mohammad Boroumand and a screenplay by Davood Kianian. 
There is a DVD with this book that contains the video of the performance of Jigi Jigi Theater and a documentary film named “The Fate Circle” having been produced by Mohammad Boroumand. The last presence of Iranian stylist director, Late Amire Ghavidel, in front of camera is in this film. Amir Ghavidel, Mohammad Motie, Mahdi Sabaghi, Ali Azadnia, Reza Rezapour, Javad Mohammadzade, Hossein Damanpak and others have talked about the mysterious life of this itinerant singer and related the story of his burial in Imam Reza Holy Shrine.
The book and video of “The Musician of Love; Jigi Jigi” has been published and distributed by Tissa Publication.
The research part of the book has been translated by Maryam Khoshel and the documentary film has English subtitle.
Distributing the drama with the video of show performance accompanying by the documentary film is a valuable action that can connect book readers to theater and cinema audiences.

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